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6 Sep

Sometimes Pinterest recipes work… other times, they do not. This one was a winner!

The theme for small group was finger food. I used this recipe to make Spanakopita. The only change I made was using Goat Cheese instead of Feta. I love both, but thoughts Goat sounded wonderful yesterday.Photo Credit: Bryan Lemon


Summer Supper

12 Aug

Last night, we made dinner with our friend Ash and her bf. They made rosemary chicken burgers that were wonderful!

We made Ribboned Asparagus Salad and some sweet potato fries for sides.

But most exciting of all, Ryan and I mastered the Ombre Cake! Now I can move on to something else!

We are trying to make the most of summer before its gone! It already feels like it is on its way out here in BG.

Overnight French Toast Casserole

2 Aug

I am happy to say that this recipe is a winner! Ryan and I made it for our Breakfast for Dinner themed small group last night. It was really delish and easy to make.

We couldn’t find the bread it suggested and went to look at Great Harvest Bread Company. They didn’t have it either, but they did have a Cinnamon Chip Bread. It was really yum.

The Parisian

25 May

I haven’t been cooking as often lately. It really gets on my nerves when we get out of the habit, but at the same time, I get new inspiration when I see a new menu. I had one of those moments last week in Lexington at Saul Good. They had a lengthy menu with all types of pizzas, salads, and more. But there was one that I had to order: the Parisian. It was a brie and apple pizza with bits of ham and honey drizzled on top. The “sauce” layer was honey dijon. It was great! I knew I could make it at home, so this week I gave it a try.

I only had country dijon… that could have been the problem.

It wasn’t as good as the one at the restaurant, but I really enjoyed it!

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