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Drop Cloth Curtains – 2 Ways

8 Sep

I noticed the drop cloth curtain trend about a year ago. I loved the idea, but wasn’t ready to begin thinking about curtains for our home.

Earlier this summer, my parents offered to give us their old couch accompanied by some really cool pillows. It became a “if you give a mouse a cookie” scenario. Once I got that couch, we needed curtains in the study. Not just the study, but also the den. I was inspired again by drop cloth curtains at my grandmother’s beach house. I began researching and found that they were a perfect option for the space. Then it became a race to finish them before the wedding shower I was hosting.

For the study, I decided to do an ombre technique. The darkest part would match the pillows and the lightest part would match the natural curtains in the den. We spent a Sunday afternoon experimenting and cracking up over my craziness. Poor Ryan got caught up in my whirlwind as he always does. We didn’t take many photos because I didn’t have a plan or know what I was doing at all.

We mixed the dye according to the directions on the bottle and kind of followed the ombre directions on their site. Because the curtains were larger than a piece of clothing, we folded it in fourths long ways. We used pins to divide the length of the curtains into fourths so there would be even amounts of each degree of color.5After the color part of the process, we used the hose to get the excess dye out of the fabric before we put it in the washing machine.


To finish the curtains, I cut them in half and stitched the open side of each panel. They ended up being longer than I wanted, so I folded them over to make a flap then used clips to hang them. These were a breeze and add just the right amount of pizzaz to the study.


I have always loved this couch and was thrilled to have it in my home! It makes the space feel like its own room.


The other curtains were not as simple. The den has several more windows and we decided to stencil the drop cloths. There are several DIY instructions for these so I took advice from several along with specific measurements from my cousin Millie who just finished making some for her dorm room at WKU.

I used a Martha Stewart stencil from Michael’s. It was the same one my grandmother used on her curtains so I had confidence that they would look great. They were more time consuming than I imagined so we broke it up over several days.

3 42

I really love how these turned out. It is amazing how much more pride we have since we made them ourselves.

7 8 9

Between all the hardware, paint and drop cloths, we spent less than $100 for curtains in both rooms.


Since our grand curtain project at the end of July, we have housed 16 or so folks at our house, handed out 4,000 yearbooks, been to two weddings, moved a friend out of a storage unit, moved Millie into the dorm at WKU, played several games of Nertz and have enjoyed everything in between. August was a whirlwind and I can’t believe it has already come and gone. I hope to be a more faithful blogger soon!

Be Mine 2013: Final Products

15 Feb

Last Valentine’s Day, the first Be Mine Project came to life. It was an idea I had to give strangers a chance to do something nice for each other and be crafty. I have always wanted all of my friends to become friends with each other and this is a glimpse of how that would turn out. So here are the results of the 2nd Be Mine Project!

Julie Hill

Julie Hill*Man, my mom can paint. Growing up, I would always ask my dad for help with my art projects.

Little did she and I know, she had skills! It is one of her new hobbies along with running and pottery.

Ashley Wittenborn

Ashley Witt

The funny thing about this next pairing is that they work together all the time, but have never met! Some of my favorite projects have been collaborations with Rachel for projects for Jaclyn!

Jaclyn Journey

Jaclyn 1
Rachel Fisher

Rachel Fisher

Ashley Wise

Ashley Wise
Lauren Mechetner- Coming soon!

Natalie Beasecker

Katie Robinson

Katie Robinson

Laura Klat

Laura Klat
Jennifer Lenhart

Jen Len

Julie Washer

Julie Washer
Lacey Blankenship

Lacey Blankenship

Abby O’bryan


Loren Gifford

Loren Gifford

Ally Beasecker– Coming soon!



These next 2 were on the same brain wave!

Kaycee Mathias


Ali Raymer

Ali Raymer

Thank you all for being part of the project!


10 Dec

dsLast week, our new bathroom was featured on Design* Sponge. This is something I have always hoped for, but never thought would happen!

I have been reading Grace’s blog for about 5 years. Last year, I went to meet her at a book signing in Nashville. It has been an inspirational read and part of my daily routine.

A few of you have asked how it all happened, so I thought I would share today! During Thanksgiving break, I decided to submit the bathroom for the Before & After section of D*S. Kate, the Before and After editor, emailed me back saying that she would need a few more photos and some details about the restoration. I sent her all the info and didn’t hear back until last Wednesday when she said it would be posted the next day.

Thank you for being excited with us! I really appreciate your kindness!


Master Bathroom Details

19 Nov

It is a happy day! The Master Bathroom is done!!! It ended up being more than I could ever hope! Check out the inspiration board.

We are so happy with the end result of this room- the final one of our home restoration project!

Barn Wood Beams

18 Sep

The excitement is mounting as we continue to see progress in the Master Bathroom. A week and a half ago, Matt made and put up barn wood beams. LOOK at that goodness:

Ryan and I had been looking on Craigslist for a while and then started to look into buying the wood online. My parents helped us to get some amazing wood from Tom’s business (see this post). Of course, he has recently been tearing down barns which means JACKPOT! I sent my dad some pictures of the exact shade I was looking for. Within a week, Ryan and I were meeting my parents halfway between BG and Memphis for a little barn wood delivery.

The next day Matt put the wood together to make a faux beam. You can’t even tell that it isn’t a solid piece! I am smitten!

Other new additions to this space are the toilet, the final coats of paint, and some paper to cover that beautiful floor!
It is all coming together!!!

A New Look for the Old Floors

31 Aug

Several weeks ago, when we realized there was wood floor under the linoleum tile, we were thrilled! But after scrapping, mopping, picking and everything else, we weren’t sure if they would ever look good. So Ryan refinished them to give them new life! He sanded, stained, and sealed to make them as good as new!


We also met my parents halfway between BG & Memphis last night for a barn wood delivery! Big things are happening at my house right now!

Succulent Wall DIY

1 Jun

This past week my mom and Grayson were in Nicaragua on a mission trip. Ryan and I got to spend a couple days with my dad in BG, then I went back home with him to Memphis. We decided to do a project that my mom has been wanting for a while: a succulent wall. She already has a ton of them (the ones above), but we wanted more varieties so we bought a few other pots at Kroger and Lowe’s.

First we built a box from treated wood and painted it.

Then we cut wire to fit within the frame to hold the soil and roots. And we stapled it to the box.

Then attached the back and added trim to the front of the frame. Since it is heavy, we added a wire to hang it like a picture when it is finished.

Then we added soil and the plants.

We are going to let it sit horizontal for at least one week so the roots will have time to grow.

What do you think?

Article One

29 Apr

Last week I decided it was time that I took some risks with my sewing machine. I have only been doing little projects and haven’t felt that I have learned very much. I went to Hancock’s and dug around in the $5 per yard section. If I failed, it was only $5.

I used this tutorial that I found a while ago. Beside my measurements being way off the first round, it turned out pretty nice!

And obviously Ryan loves that I can get a new skirt for so cheap. He said I can make as many as I want!

DIY: Laundry Room Lamp Shade

26 Mar

The last decision left to be made for the laundry room renovation was the light fixture. Ryan asked me to find something I liked on Friday so we could buy it and put it up.  I decided I wanted something a little bit different for the space. I typed in “laundry room light” on Pinterest and found this. It was a perfect solution to put the final touch on the quirky room.

The Supplies:

Chicken Wire- Home Depot $5(ish)

A Pendant Light Kit- Home Depot  $14

Craft Wire- Hobby Lobby $3

Clothes Pins- Hobby Lobby the first time, Walmart the 2nd. I used almost 300.

Wire Cutters- stolen from our Handy Man’s Tool Bucket

1. First mold the wire to be the shape you are wanting your shade to be. The tutorial I used made theirs cone shaped, but I wanted a straight cylinder. Cut the wire to size.

2. Overlap the chicken wire and reinforce with the craft wire. This is where Ryan was really helpful. This stuff is sharp and hard to mold.

3. Hang the light kit. Thank you Matt for being at our house at just the right time to help with this project!

4. Then take a look at another lamp shades. Figure out the size of the circle that the light kit needs and try to replicate a your other shade using wire. Make sure it fits before you start attaching the clothes pins.

5. Start arranging them in a pattern around the drum. I would suggest that you do it while the shade is off.

And it is done! What do you think of our quirky lamp shade?

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