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Sunday Seamstress #3

15 Jul

Sunday Seamstress & Growing Garden

8 May

Saturday I bought some new fabric to make a couple skirts. The first was this seersucker that I made from these instructions into a circle wrap skirt. I had to learn some new tricks  like a buttonhole to pull this one off and I am really pleased with it.


The plants in our garden are getting strong finally! We have had some good rain in the past week so I ‘m sure they have enjoyed it.



Article One

29 Apr

Last week I decided it was time that I took some risks with my sewing machine. I have only been doing little projects and haven’t felt that I have learned very much. I went to Hancock’s and dug around in the $5 per yard section. If I failed, it was only $5.

I used this tutorial that I found a while ago. Beside my measurements being way off the first round, it turned out pretty nice!

And obviously Ryan loves that I can get a new skirt for so cheap. He said I can make as many as I want!

Be Mine- Final Products

14 Feb

Just a few weeks ago when I presented the Be Mine Project, I had no idea what the outcome would be. I hoped that I would have people eager to participate and be a part of this project. I am so thrilled with the outcome. There were 16 participants, including myself. Most everyone was paired with someone they had never met or barely knew (they are listed in pairs below). Their ideas were creative and even better than I had hoped for. So to you who played a part in the first Be Mine Project, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the creating process and got something that brightened your day!

Please enjoy their work and check out them out:

Ally Beasecker– A San Diego Native who brought her smiles with her to Southern Kentucky. She is studying English and Creative Writing. Ally decorated this heart box with a fabric flower, lace, and buttons. Then filled it with chocolate!

Rachel Fisher– A Memphis mama of 4 (one that is still cookin) is amazing at everything she tries! This was her first time trying out a sewing machine. Check out her beautiful writing on her site. Rachel monogrammed a 4 note card set and embellished them with a row of pink thread. Then wrapped them in a custom glassine envelope and made the wire word “love”.

Julie Hill- A runner, artist, chef, video production assistant, and biker fill her resume, but she is best at being my mom. Mom painted her Valentine onto wood. As you can see, Sarah was thrilled!

Sarah Woodward- A Memphis girl pursuing a major in friends, laughing, and running while deciding on an academic major at Western Kentucky University. Sarah created button heart art accompanied with a verse.

Blair Munday– A newlywed, a blogger, and crafter of beautiful things. I stumbled onto her blog via my most favorite West Coast blog, but she lives just a little ways down I-65 in Nashville. Blair created this adorable Valentine set “with a little Kentucky love”. I am so impressed!

Jaclyn Journey– Coming up with a title for Jaclyn is near impossible. She styles/designs people, flowers, events, and anything else under the sun. She is up and coming, so be on the look out for Jaclyn in Louisville and abroad. Jaclyn created a Valentine Bouquet with some gorgeous flowers and a sweet card!

Ashley Wittenborn– She claims Chicago as her hometown, but this diva was destined to live in the South. Ashley is the Editor-in-Chief of my favorite yearbook, the Talisman and is finishing the last semester at WKU in her major, Graphic Design. This funny little collage is so Ash Witt.

Molly Williams– Born and raised in Ohio, Molly is transitioning to Nashville life with a bang. She has landed a job at Vandy and made friends galore with her sweet smile. BE MINE COMING SOON!

Kayla Burke– A music enthusiast, lover of love, artist, and beauty from Louisville, Kentucky, Kayla is pursing a major in Graphic Design at WKU. I am loving the vintage vibe Kayla gave this envelope!

Leslie Hill– Creativity cannot even describe Leslie. She makes beautiful digital designs and collages. If you have ventured to the Zappos website, you have probably see some of her photo skills in actions. Like all of her art that I used to be jealous of in college, this piece is amazing and creative.

Lauren Mechetner– She is a form of Social Media in and of herself. She turned in her Kentucky residency by moving to Nashville after graduating from WKU in 2009 with a degree in Psychology and Religious Studies. Lauren has never met a stranger. If you would like to become her friend, head to the trendiest coffee shop or restaurant in Nashvegas or stop by The Container Store.

Amanda Short- In the past month, she has taken a plunge into new technology by owning her first iPhone and getting apps like Twitter and Instagram. Amanda is a Child Studies major at WKU and is always smiling. Amanda created a Party in a Box. It is stocked with decorations, cookies, Valentines music, and verses about love.

Kaycee Mathias– A Memphian by birth and newest citizen of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Kaycee is a sales representative at Chandler Properties and has great skills when it comes to knitting needles. Check out her shop of beautiful handmade goods. Kaycee is witty too!

Jennifer Lenhart– JenLen is a Forever21 model and graphic design major from Louisville who loves her kitten named Kitty, Diet Coke, and music. Glitter and all, this is Jen’s Valentine:

AmyLynne Hicks– A girl from L.A. who moved all the way to Bowling Green, Kentucky to get the best photojournalism degree offered. I LOVE what AmyLynne created for me!!

Me- I created this shadow box of love by cutting hearts out of paint chips with a punch. Then attached the hearts to a fabric background.

Comment below and let us know which project you like best!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tea Towel with Bunting

10 Oct

Since I haven’t been sewing long, I try to do projects that won’t frustrate me too long. This project looked easy enough and I thought I would use some little scraps of fabric that I had recently purchased. I copied this girl here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was pretty dang easy.

Camera Strap

25 Aug

Last night, I sewed a cover for my camera strap. I used these instructions: here. I was planning on including the ruffles, but I got a little nervous since I don’t know how to do a basting stitch. I still felt accomplished because this is the first project I have started and finished by myself. I apologize for the poor photos, but I couldn’t use my nice camera (obviously).



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