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Amy + Shawn

4 Jun

Last weekend my best friend since pre-k got married! It was a happy celebration! Congrats Amy & Shawn!

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My Creative Valentine

14 Feb

My Valentine’s Day was full of surprises from the minute I woke up! Ryan made me breakfast in bed- delicious chocolate muffins and coffee before work. His exact words were “I know you like chocolate covered strawberries, but its too early for that so I made you chocolate muffins with strawberries.” He knows me well.

We decided that he needs a surprise this morning even though my gift was finished being made (YES, I said made! I was surprised too!)

When I got home from work, Ryan said my gift still wasn’t finished. I have been so curious about what he was working on because usually I give homemade gifts. This year we switched roles! My man found this DIY for Scrabble Coasters and thought it would be perfect for me. He was right! I am so impressed that he took the time to create these.

They are cute and such a treasure! Thanks Valentine!

Anniversary Getaway: Chattanooga, Tennessee

16 Jan

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary and we wanted to do something special. We decided on Chattanooga since its far enough to be a getaway, but close enough to be a weekend trip.


This was our soundtrack. The band is called the Staves. They are 3 sisters from a town near London. We got to hear them open for the Civil Wars and bought their EP.

We stayed at a B&B called the Mayor’s Mansion in the Historic District. It was quaint and romantic.

The sun was out the whole time we were there so we made sure to take some photos.

Thanks to my friend, Katie Rhodes, we had a list of things to do, places to eat, and tons of time! This meal was at a place called Tony’s Pasta Shop in the Bluff City Art District. It was delish and this window provided perfect light.

When we got home, we had a piece of our wedding cake. It tasted a little bit old, but not 1 year!

I cannot believe how fast this year has come and gone. This weekend we spent some time talking about how we have grown over the past year and made some goals for what we hope for in our second year of marriage. Each day has been full of new challenges and opportunities to love each other as Christ has loved us. Neither of us have come close to achieving that, but it has been a joy to be able to aim towards that with Ryan. He is always building me up and encouraging me with truth. I am so blessed and look forward to many, many more years.

Celebrating Love

14 Nov

I am loving this season of life. Ryan and I have been witnesses to 3 different marriage covenants in the past month. Each is special and unique, but so much the same. Ali & Josh, Leah & Adam, and Jaclyn and Chris- Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

We have twin glasses: (in Lexington for Ali and Josh’s wedding)

I was so honored to sing in your wedding! We are so grateful for our friendship with you guys!

At Leah and Adam’s wedding, Ryan and I got to hang out with Stacey and J.D. We had such a great time and loved how sweet/ God-honoring the ceremony was!

I  just realized that I know both of these couples from yearbook staff… is that embarassing?

I’m Back

18 Jun

I know it has been roughly a month since I blogged, but I am being 100% honest that there was barely anything to tell you about! From graduation until about a week ago, I was at the office non-stop. But the Talisman is mostly complete (I just have to finish the index), so I have my life back again! Side note: Ryan and I had a little vacation in Lexington for Cole and Lindsay’s wedding– see video and pics here. It was a lovely Kentucky wedding with style.

I got a chance to go home last weekend to visit the fam and go to Kimberlee’s shower. It was so nice to get a breath of fresh air and slow down a little. I learned to sew on my new Brother. My mom taught me how to make a flanged pillow. My couch now has 2 zebra print pillows on it. Also Gray and I made a little Father’s Day treat. Since we were all home we had “Faux Father’s Day” on Sunday instead of tomorrow. The treat recipe was from Family Fun. We couldn’t find all the ingredients so we cheated a little. It turned out pretty well and we had a great time making them.

The cupcake is just a regular brownie baked in cupcake liners. For the grill, we used vanilla icing mixed with chocolate (instead of black icing which we couldn’t find at Kroger). Then the “fire” is sugar and orange food coloring. The hotdogs are mike and ike’s with a little chocolate grill mark. The steaks are caramels molded into a steak shape. And the kebabs are different colored fruit candies on a toothpick. You still have a day to make these so go run to the store!!!

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Since my return from Memphis, it has been non-stop Little Caesars…. and I am loving it! The new store in Franklin, Ky. just opened on Tuesday and has been crazy busy. Ryan has been going into the store in the morning and then I head in (with lunch for Ryan and my bro-in-law Chris) after the lunch rush. I have really enjoyed mornings at home to clean, cook, and catch up on things I had been too busy for. Wednesday we had some fish tacos that I loved (find the recipe here and I just use talapia because I found it at Kroger) and Thursday we had chicken salad on homemade bread. For the 5 months we have been married, I have had limited time at home because of school and the Talisman. I am still working at least 5-8 hours a day at Little C’s, but my mornings are free. I am so happy for a more regular routine. I can finally be a wife!!

For linner (lunch/dinner) tonight is Beef Stroganoff — my favorite!! Then working the cash register at Little Caesars.

P.S. The energy of a store opening is fantastic. Plus Ryan and I get to work together. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Pizza, Pizza.

Little Caesar’s Pasta

17 Mar

One of my favorite things about marriage so far is being able to have traditions. I have come to find out that I am extremely sentimental, so anything that is special to me about my family has been added to my family with Ryan. So on his birthday after I made the cake, I made him take a picture with the beater….. I know Holmes is saying I am turning into Julie Hill. (Holmes, I take that as a compliment.)

An exciting part of spring break last week was having time to use my pasta roller! It was a Christmas present from Grandy that I have been so eager to use. We made homemade whole wheat pasta with arugala pesto sauce. So so cool!

And another exciting part of the past couple of week is this new addition to our apartment:

It has been such a blessing to get amazing furniture from my family members. This was a piece we really needed and I am so thrilled Lacey gave it to us!

The Nest

9 Feb

I decided to take advantage of the BG Blizzard and do some blogging.

Here is a little tour of our home:

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Hope you are staying warm today!

Living in the Sprawl

3 Feb

I finally feel like I am settling into life in Bowling Green. Everything in the apartment has a place–the nicest feeling ever! School/the final semester of school is overwhelming, but I have started to make progress.

Ryan and I are loving this song lately:

I designed this poster for a Theatre and Dance thing at Western- kind of not my norm, but I’m loving it.


January Wedding

30 Jan

For this post, listen to these:

Every person at every event made my wedding so special. It is hard to even begin to describe the week of my wedding. My family was amazing and all used their craftiness to make all the details perfect. I am so grateful for my parents who were completely dedicated to making the day everything I had imagined. They succeeded plus more!!! Thank y’all for all you did to make it perfect. If you need a wedding planner, feel free to give my mom a call. Kidding. She is bomb though. This wedding would have been nothing without her planning, creativity, sewing, and attention to detail. Love you, Mom!

It was so special to have all of our families and friends to celebrate our love. I don’t think Ryan and I have even realized all the kindness we have received. We are still letting everything sink in. Watch this little slideshow of my favorite photos (only a small fraction of the beauties by Lang).

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Thank you to everyone who made it perfect. We love you all!

Endless Alohas

29 Jan

After all of the wonderful wedding celebrations, Ryan and I headed to Maui, Hawaii to relax. We had the most amazing time on the island with the temperatures in the 80’s. The whole vacation was perfect and exactly what we needed.

Leaving was another story… I may have cried. It was pretty difficult to leave our amazing resort, the perfect temperature, and our Jeep Wrangler we had grown to love. Bowling Green has been cold and snowy ever since we got back and we never hear the sweet aloha greeting. Life at our apartment has returned to cozy status and we are loving living together.

Maui, we will return to you.

As you look at our photos, you must listen to this song, our soundtrack for the week: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

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