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Todd County Project – Completed

5 Feb

I am really proud of this project and thrilled to share it with you.

As I mentioned back in September, Bryan and I were hired to do an art/archive project for the Todd County Justice Center. The thought of a six month to year long project scared me a little, but with some planning and adventure – we finished! We both learned a lot and really enjoyed it. We met some really incredible people along the way and were sad to wrap it up.

We took a little trip to see the photos on the walls and hang the captions with Ryan and Karissa a couple weeks ago.


TC1 copy

These are from the second floor courtroom and waiting area. There is an identical set up on the first floor with a different set of photos.

All in all there are 19 poster size photos and 3 smaller prints. All of the photos were shot by Bryan. My job and title (which changed daily) was usually art director or production manager. We planned shots based on what people in town told us made Todd County special. While we traveled from place to place, we made frequent stops to photography things that caught our eye. Here are the images that made it into the courthouse:

2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-43

September 12, 2013 – Morning fog rolls in over a barn in Allensville on highway 102. 2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-60

September 12, 2013 – Tobacco leaves hang in a barn off of highway 102 in Allensville. Hanging the burly leaves allows the plant to be cured while moisture escapes.  In 2006, Todd County produced over 1 million pounds of dark, fire-cured tobacco. 2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-117

September 12, 2013 – Home in Allensville built by merchant Charles W. Haddox (1842-1882) shortly after the Civil War.  Haddox became a Confederate soldier at 17 years old and served under Col. Hutchinson and General Morgan.  He was captured and became a prisoner of war for eighteen months.  Upon his return, he reentered the army remaining out until the close of the war.  He built this brick home so that it would be large enough to entertain all of the Confederate soldiers who came to Allensville.

[History from articles by Mildred C. Standard] The home is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Danny Dew.

2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-169

September 12, 2013 – Railroad tracks in Allensville originally laid in 1867. 2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-174

September 12, 2013 – Morning light shines through the trees on Highway 79 near Allensville. 2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-206

September 12, 2013 – Robert Penn Warren’s home stands in Guthrie.  Penn Warren became the first Poet Laureate of the United States in 1986.  He won a Pulitzer Prize for All the King’s Men and two more for his poetry. 2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-574

September 12, 2013 – The Jefferson Davis Monument rises in the September sky in Fairview.  The 351-foot obelisk was built to mark the birthplace of Jefferson Davis. “Kentucky, my own, my native land, God grant that peace and plenty may ever run throughout your borders. God grant that your sons and daughters may ever rise to illustrate that fame of their dead fathers and that wherever the name of Kentucky is mentioned, every hand shall be lifted and every head bowed for all that is grand, all that is glorious, all that is virtuous, and all that is honorable and manly,” said Davis during his salute to Kentucky in November 1886 on his last visit to his birthplace. 2013.09.12_ todd county _lemon-613

September 12, 2013 – The Jefferson Davis Monument rises in the September sky in Fairview. Construction started in 1917, but stopped in 1918 at 175 feet due to the lack of building materials during World War I.  Building resumed in 1922 and was finished in 1924. The total cost was $200,000. 2013.09.18_ todd county _lemon-339

September 18, 2013 – Johnny Yoder repairs a strap from a saddle at the Penchem Tack Store.  The store was established in the 1960s by Yoder’s grandfather. 2013.09.18_ todd county _lemon-491-2

September 18, 2013 – The western face of Pilot Rock. It borders Todd and Christian Counties and is the highest point in both counties. 2013.09.18_ todd county _lemon-550

September 18, 2013 – A tobacco barn in northern Todd County viewed from Pilot Rock. 2013.09.18_ todd county _lemon-561

September 18, 2013 – The Jefferson Davis Monument as seen from Pilot Rock. The distance to the monument is about 8 miles. The solid Kentucky limestone structure was the fifth tallest monument in the United States. 2013.09.18_ todd county _lemon-635

September 18, 2013 – The main intersection in Kirkmansville gives directions to some of Todd County’s other towns. Kirkmansville is in the northwestern corner of Todd County and is home to a local favorite dining spot, Helen’s Place. 2013.09.18_ todd county _lemon-681

September 18, 2013 – The Harvest Moon rises in Clifty. The Harvest Moon signifies the end of harvest season and the yielding of crops. 2013.09.27_ todd county _lemon-433

October 4, 2013 – The old courthouse stands in the center square of Elkton during the Harvest Fest on Friday afternoon. Union forces occupied the courthouse during the Civil War. The cupola, an iconic symbol of Todd County, was added during renovations in 1871. 2013.10.03_ todd county _lemon-119

September 12, 2013 – The Guthrie Feed Mill sits just off the railroad tracks in Guthrie.  Originally a stage coach stop known as Pondy Woods, Guthrie was renamed for John James Guthrie, the President of L&N Railroad, in 1867. Guthrie placed a major switch track in town where five railroad lines met and the area became a boomtown of commerce. 2013.10.03_ todd county _lemon-489-2

October 3, 2013 – Marlyon, a 16-year-old Mennonite farmer, rests with his horses during a corn harvest in Fairview. Mennonites came to the area in 1970s because farm land was readily available. 2013.10.04_ todd county _lemon-319

October 4, 2013 – Clouds move over a field of soybeans outside of Trenton off of Kentucky route 1753.  Planting usually takes place in late April to June and harvest is from late September to November. 2013.10.04_ todd county _lemon-378

October 4, 2013 – The old courthouse in Elkton during Harvest Fest on Friday afternoon. The courthouse was built in 1835-1836 and served Todd County for 140 years.

*All images by Bryan Lemon.

Drop Cloth Curtains – 2 Ways

8 Sep

I noticed the drop cloth curtain trend about a year ago. I loved the idea, but wasn’t ready to begin thinking about curtains for our home.

Earlier this summer, my parents offered to give us their old couch accompanied by some really cool pillows. It became a “if you give a mouse a cookie” scenario. Once I got that couch, we needed curtains in the study. Not just the study, but also the den. I was inspired again by drop cloth curtains at my grandmother’s beach house. I began researching and found that they were a perfect option for the space. Then it became a race to finish them before the wedding shower I was hosting.

For the study, I decided to do an ombre technique. The darkest part would match the pillows and the lightest part would match the natural curtains in the den. We spent a Sunday afternoon experimenting and cracking up over my craziness. Poor Ryan got caught up in my whirlwind as he always does. We didn’t take many photos because I didn’t have a plan or know what I was doing at all.

We mixed the dye according to the directions on the bottle and kind of followed the ombre directions on their site. Because the curtains were larger than a piece of clothing, we folded it in fourths long ways. We used pins to divide the length of the curtains into fourths so there would be even amounts of each degree of color.5After the color part of the process, we used the hose to get the excess dye out of the fabric before we put it in the washing machine.


To finish the curtains, I cut them in half and stitched the open side of each panel. They ended up being longer than I wanted, so I folded them over to make a flap then used clips to hang them. These were a breeze and add just the right amount of pizzaz to the study.


I have always loved this couch and was thrilled to have it in my home! It makes the space feel like its own room.


The other curtains were not as simple. The den has several more windows and we decided to stencil the drop cloths. There are several DIY instructions for these so I took advice from several along with specific measurements from my cousin Millie who just finished making some for her dorm room at WKU.

I used a Martha Stewart stencil from Michael’s. It was the same one my grandmother used on her curtains so I had confidence that they would look great. They were more time consuming than I imagined so we broke it up over several days.

3 42

I really love how these turned out. It is amazing how much more pride we have since we made them ourselves.

7 8 9

Between all the hardware, paint and drop cloths, we spent less than $100 for curtains in both rooms.


Since our grand curtain project at the end of July, we have housed 16 or so folks at our house, handed out 4,000 yearbooks, been to two weddings, moved a friend out of a storage unit, moved Millie into the dorm at WKU, played several games of Nertz and have enjoyed everything in between. August was a whirlwind and I can’t believe it has already come and gone. I hope to be a more faithful blogger soon!


10 Dec

dsLast week, our new bathroom was featured on Design* Sponge. This is something I have always hoped for, but never thought would happen!

I have been reading Grace’s blog for about 5 years. Last year, I went to meet her at a book signing in Nashville. It has been an inspirational read and part of my daily routine.

A few of you have asked how it all happened, so I thought I would share today! During Thanksgiving break, I decided to submit the bathroom for the Before & After section of D*S. Kate, the Before and After editor, emailed me back saying that she would need a few more photos and some details about the restoration. I sent her all the info and didn’t hear back until last Wednesday when she said it would be posted the next day.

Thank you for being excited with us! I really appreciate your kindness!


Master Bathroom: Before & After

19 Nov

Master Bathroom Details

19 Nov

It is a happy day! The Master Bathroom is done!!! It ended up being more than I could ever hope! Check out the inspiration board.

We are so happy with the end result of this room- the final one of our home restoration project!

Master Bathroom Details

1 Oct

The bathroom is so close to being done! I gasped when I walked in after work on Friday. It is all starting to look cohesive. Matt said I should call this post Come Together and have the song playing… it really is appropriate though! The lights are hung and the trim is all up. We hung the shower curtain too. I am going to wait to post everything all together when it is finished, but here are some previews of the details.

What do you think?

Once Wed Feature

12 Jun

There was some major excitement on the web yesterday…. Jaclyn Journey‘s Wedding was featured on ONCE WED!!! It was also featured in the first ever Once Wed Magazine! Way to go Jac! This girl is going places and she will knock your wedding out of the park!

For more images, check out: Once Wed

Feel free to click the links listed at the bottom. (Hint- One will take you to the work of the amazing Rachel Fisher…. and one will bring you right back to me! YAY!)

Master Bathroom: Inspiration Board 2

11 Jun

Like all the projects at our house, this one has evolved. Here is the new look:

All of the electrical and plumbing is finished, so things are about to start rolling! I think this may end up being my favorite project yet!

Weekend Clicks

4 May

I have a couple links to share on this Friday afternoon:

1. The first is my mom’s blog: I have been encouraging her to start one for a while and she has! I have really enjoyed what she has posted so far! Give her a warm welcome to the blogosphere!

2. The second is a new business venture of some Louisville friends- The Dixie Design Collective. The collective is made up of Jaclyn Journey, Whitney Neal, & Natalie Officer. They have just launched their site today! They have an eye for beauty and make a wonderful team.

3. Since I am getting a little braver in the world of sewing, I have been looking for some skirts to try. This is next on my list. Don’t you love it?!? Have you ever made any easy skirt that you would suggest? Please share!

4. One of my favorite blogs, Oh Hello Friend, is having Reader Appreciation this week. She is giving away some really great prizes. Enter to win before it is over!

5. I have been running to my mailbox every day this week…. I can’t wait to tell you why!!!! Here is a hint: Once Wed Magazine.

Happy Weekend!

Free Breakfast in Fresh

25 Apr

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