NYC Part 2

5 Apr

Here is part two of my New York trip. If you missed part one, check it out here.20140405-180711.jpg20140405-180722.jpgWe did a lot of exploring and walking around the city.

20140405-180803.jpgOne of the highlights of the trip was touring the New York Times.

20140405-180832.jpg20140405-180930.jpgThe other really exciting thing was seeing Scott Pelley! I love 60 Minutes so I was having a major celebrity moment on the front row of his keynote.

20140405-180840.jpg20140405-180635.jpg20140405-180916.jpg20140405-180653.jpg20140405-180702.jpgThe Talisman took home a Gold Crown award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.  This group was pretty happy to be able to accept it in person:20140405-180811.jpgWe celebrated by eating the “best cookie ever” from Levain Bakery.20140405-180626.jpgThe conference ended around lunch time on the last day that we were there, so I got to spend the rest of the day around the city. It was a really beautiful day with bright sunshine. Katie and I got lunch with Ashley in a park by the river. It was so sweet to catch up and see where Ash and Philip live.20140405-180939.jpg20140405-180730.jpg20140405-180738.jpg20140405-180857.jpg20140405-180848.jpg20140405-180907.jpgHolmes sent me an awesome list of things to eat in NYC. It was really helpful. There are so many great options. I was never disappointed at the end of a meal.


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