Deep Sea Fishing

8 Jan


Instead of our annual Christmas trip to Memphis, this year we headed to the beach to meet my family. It was a relaxing getaway and change of pace. The weather wasn’t cooperating like we had hoped so it was our first and last “beachmas”, but it was still jam-packed with memories and laughter.

During the prettiest day of our trip (the only one where we saw the sun), we were deep sea fishing in the gulf. We caught more fish than we bargained for, were assisted by two guys referred to as Cornbread and Tater Tot, and watched people eat bolognese with a side of Bud Light at 8:00 a.m. It was near perfect.

b9cf32c4718811e3a77b12af033ea5c7_8IMG_8498 2 fishiesIMG_8508 IMG_8529 IMG_8553 IMG_8555 IMG_8567

That’s Tater Tot to Gray’s left.IMG_8576_2 IMG_8577 IMG_8586

Holmes kept catching the coolest looking fish.IMG_8664

An 8 hour trip on the seas may have been a little long, but dinner was great that night!

One Response to “Deep Sea Fishing”

  1. Holmes January 8, 2014 at 10:08 am #

    Such a fun day!

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