Great Things Happen When My Parents Empty Their Garage Part 1

26 Jun

This past weekend, Ryan and I were in Memphis for a little visit (our first since Christmas).

We had Grayson in tow. He and I had just wrapped up a Photojournalism Workshop at WKU. It was fun to coordinate an event that he was participating in. Learn more about that here.

little ggAfter a short stop at SATCO, we were on our way.

We had a nice time enjoying my family and our hometown. There are new sites and sounds that we got to enjoy.

One was a free concert at the Levitt Shell then pizza downtown at Aldo’s. I highly recommend both!


shell1 Then Saturday night, we went to my friend Katie’s wedding at the Pink Palace. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Davidson!rhodes

Before I left town, my dad mentioned that there was some stuff in the garage he wanted to get rid of. As usual, we jumped on this offer!

Last summer, they got some new patio furniture and have been storing the old stuff (it is probably the same age as me) in the garage. We brought it home and gave it a facelift!

patio before patio duringpatio afterWe gave it one more coat after this one, but you get the picture.
Thank you for the kind donations, Mom and Dad.
And yes, part 2 is coming…. from Memphis right now. I am really excited about this project!

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