5 Mar

There is something about a rainy day that evokes reflection. And I realize I have neglected this space again. So here is a lot that doesn’t mesh….


I am wrapping up a big project at work that I am really excited about. One of the last things on the list was to go to the top of Pearce Ford Tower (a 27 story dorm) to take a photo.


photo-1The Upholstery for Beginners Class was very interesting. I realized that I am even a step below beginner. This is an interesting trade with so many tools. Each piece is different and you have to be really patient.


Although Ryan and I have always had similar interests, we differ in a big way when it comes to celebrities. Most days I can’t remember which guy is Brad Pitt and which is Tom Cruise. Ryan is pro. He knows every movie an actor has ever been in, who they were/are married to and what they are working on at the current time. One thing I have started to get into with him is award shows. We have created a new tradition for the Grammy’s and then continued it for the Oscar’s: Breakfast for dinner. This little mini-stack was so delish.

For Valentie’s Day, my grandmother, Pidgeon, mailed us some old photos. I love this one of me and Pops.

photoLast week, we got great news that our house appraised for even more than we were hoping for!! We will be able to refinance and save a huge amount over time! Yipee!! Now we can relax and enjoy all the progress we have made. I plan on doing a whole post on the porch when spring decides to come to BG to stay, but here is a look and the amazing work of Matt and Ryan. We had no idea how terrible it was structurally because it was all pretty well hidden, but this thing was not in good shape. Now it is well supported and so beautiful! The guys even kept the panels between the posts! I love the character this little porch adds to our house. And I am really loving the new color scheme. The front door color was trial and error, but I love the finished product!


Last weekend, we celebrated Ryan’s 25th birthday. This photo from Halloween 2008 cracks me up. We were just friends at the time and I remember making a big deal about how silly he looked.  cd86d08a839811e2b95b22000a1fab39_7We also got to celebrate Ryan’s birthday with my family in Nashville. It was a last minute plan and only about a 4 hour visit, but we loved it! My fam was there to cheer on the ECS Eagles in the State Championship so we went with them to the game and then to a quick dinner before heading back to BG for cake with our friends. 

I am headed to NYC this weekend for a College Media Convention. I also get to squeeze in a visit with Holmes, my aunt and a few friends.

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  1. juniebeehill March 5, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    You lead a happy little life Missy!

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