Be Mine 2013: Final Products

15 Feb

Last Valentine’s Day, the first Be Mine Project came to life. It was an idea I had to give strangers a chance to do something nice for each other and be crafty. I have always wanted all of my friends to become friends with each other and this is a glimpse of how that would turn out. So here are the results of the 2nd Be Mine Project!

Julie Hill

Julie Hill*Man, my mom can paint. Growing up, I would always ask my dad for help with my art projects.

Little did she and I know, she had skills! It is one of her new hobbies along with running and pottery.

Ashley Wittenborn

Ashley Witt

The funny thing about this next pairing is that they work together all the time, but have never met! Some of my favorite projects have been collaborations with Rachel for projects for Jaclyn!

Jaclyn Journey

Jaclyn 1
Rachel Fisher

Rachel Fisher

Ashley Wise

Ashley Wise
Lauren Mechetner- Coming soon!

Natalie Beasecker

Katie Robinson

Katie Robinson

Laura Klat

Laura Klat
Jennifer Lenhart

Jen Len

Julie Washer

Julie Washer
Lacey Blankenship

Lacey Blankenship

Abby O’bryan


Loren Gifford

Loren Gifford

Ally Beasecker– Coming soon!



These next 2 were on the same brain wave!

Kaycee Mathias


Ali Raymer

Ali Raymer

Thank you all for being part of the project!

One Response to “Be Mine 2013: Final Products”

  1. juniebeehill February 18, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    I like or should I say LOVE, this little valentine tradition!

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