A Facelift

17 Jan

2013 is the year of our house. The goal is to have everything finished and get the house reappraised for better rate. Although the inside is finished, the outside still had some hideous issues.

The main one being that the addition on the back of our house had roofing shingles instead of wood or vinyl siding. It made our kitchen and bathroom either cold or hot depending on the season. And was just plain UGLY! And while I love brick homes, our brick just wasn’t pretty. So on our way back to BG after the holidays, we made a decision to paint the brick! Meanwhile, Matt and his crew were taking off the shingles to find a poorly insulated back of the house.


They really knocked it out of the park! It looks like a totally different house back there! The day after they finished, we got a bid to paint the whole house. The funniest part is that they wanted to start immediately! Ryan and I were inspired by this house (it is across the street from my grandparents):photo-1

But we hadn’t even picked out the paint! Ryan picked me up during my lunch break and we picked out the colors. By the time I got home from work, almost the whole house had a coat of primer. The real color is a little richer/darker than this.69de28025c3911e2ade722000a1faea4_7

Since then, we have been playing a waiting game with due to the weather. I am loving the new life that it gives our home!

Hopefully, everything will be done when I get home from Canada on Sunday night.

What do you think?



One Response to “A Facelift”

  1. Ryan Turtle January 18, 2013 at 11:36 am #

    Amazing when you see the process through pictures.

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