Weekend Clicks

4 May

I have a couple links to share on this Friday afternoon:

1. The first is my mom’s blog: www.juniebeehill.wordpress.com. I have been encouraging her to start one for a while and she has! I have really enjoyed what she has posted so far! Give her a warm welcome to the blogosphere!

2. The second is a new business venture of some Louisville friends- The Dixie Design Collective. The collective is made up of Jaclyn Journey, Whitney Neal, & Natalie Officer. They have just launched their site today! They have an eye for beauty and make a wonderful team.

3. Since I am getting a little braver in the world of sewing, I have been looking for some skirts to try. This is next on my list. Don’t you love it?!? Have you ever made any easy skirt that you would suggest? Please share!

4. One of my favorite blogs, Oh Hello Friend, is having Reader Appreciation this week. She is giving away some really great prizes. Enter to win before it is over!

5. I have been running to my mailbox every day this week…. I can’t wait to tell you why!!!! Here is a hint: Once Wed Magazine.

Happy Weekend!

One Response to “Weekend Clicks”

  1. Natalie Officer May 12, 2012 at 4:49 am #

    Charolotte, for the record I do not follow blogs.
    Change is good. You are refreshing. Thank you for mentioning us!
    Hope we can meet someday soon!

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