31 Mar

In the past week, my brother has asked me how to make Guacamole twice. Since he and his fraternity brothers needed some assistance, I figured some of you may as well. So here’s to you Samford Sigma Chi’s:


An Avacado


Red Onion

Salt & Pepper

Red Pepper


A Lime

I also like to add cilantro, but I didn’t have any on hand. Other spices are great too.

1. Cut open the avocado and squeeze the fruit into a bowl. Use 2 forks to mush it up.

2. Add the spice and make sure they are all friendly with the avocado.

3. Dice half a tomato and throw it in.

4. Dice up about half of a red onion.

5. Squeeze all the juice of one lime.

6. Enjoy!

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