They Came Bearing Gifts

21 Mar

On top of the joy that my family was in town a few weekends ago, they also brought GIFTS!

One of them was this beauty: the Janky Jeep

My dad recently bought a new car and offered the Jeep to us! He thought it would be good for Ryan to deliver pizzas in. We said YES! This car has been in our family for years. I love knowing the history behind it starting with my grandfather, Pops. Ironically Ryan has been called Pops for years and the nickname is a great reminder that the Lord provides for His children. I was so close to Pops and really sad when he died during my sophomore year of high school. Later I met Ryan and saw so many qualities that I loved about Pops in him. Somehow my family didn’t know about the nickname until our rehearsal dinner… clearly emotional to begin with. Let’s just say that some men cried. All that to say, we LOVE the Jeep and I am thrilled to have it.

They also brought the steal of the year: the dining room table

Just a few days after Christmas, Ryan and I went shopping with Grandy, Papa, and my mom to pick out a dining room table. Right after we bought our house, they  offered to buy us one for a house warming gift. They are always so generous and kind! The problem was that I am CHEAP. The tables in all the stores we went to were gorgeous, but I couldn’t handle the prices!  This has been a common issue over the last several years. We decided to look at the Pottery Barn Outlet and found an amazing deal! The Amhurst table was originally over $800, but had been discontinued. We got it for $150 and it was still in the box.

It was too big to fit in our cars so we have been waiting. It is so nice to have it and we love the way it makes the room seem more formal.

Thank you so much to Grandy and Papa for their generosity! Now we can have real dinners with our guests instead of sitting in the den.

The last gift was more than I could have hoped for. The magnificent artists (my parents) collaborated on a painting to match our orange bathroom. It is beautiful!

Ryan and I are so spoiled!!!! THANK Y’ALL! Our home wouldn’t be the same without you.

2 Responses to “They Came Bearing Gifts”

  1. Su Madre March 22, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    I love y’all! You guys are fun to spoil


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