My Creative Valentine

14 Feb

My Valentine’s Day was full of surprises from the minute I woke up! Ryan made me breakfast in bed- delicious chocolate muffins and coffee before work. His exact words were “I know you like chocolate covered strawberries, but its too early for that so I made you chocolate muffins with strawberries.” He knows me well.

We decided that he needs a surprise this morning even though my gift was finished being made (YES, I said made! I was surprised too!)

When I got home from work, Ryan said my gift still wasn’t finished. I have been so curious about what he was working on because usually I give homemade gifts. This year we switched roles! My man found this DIY for Scrabble Coasters and thought it would be perfect for me. He was right! I am so impressed that he took the time to create these.

They are cute and such a treasure! Thanks Valentine!

One Response to “My Creative Valentine”

  1. Su Madre February 16, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    Ryan continues to impress

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