Super Bowl Celebration

7 Feb

A few weeks ago, Ryan & I decided we wanted to have some friends over to watch the Super Bowl. Usually, I get really into the game, but this year I didn’t have a favorite team or really care who won. Most of our guests really didn’t care about it either!

While I was cooking Sunday afternoon, I realized that I don’t care what the occasion may be, I just LOVE celebrating. I love the nights that our house is full of friends and good food. Sunday night was no exception.

I was planning on sharing the recipe for these wings, but I changed my mind. I will never make wings again. I would rather make chicken fingers or something with less bone. Sorry Ryan! I hope B-dubs is good enough in the future.

My camera died before anyone arrived. I wish you could see the spread! My friends can cook!!! We had stuffed mushrooms made by Sarah, Captain Rodney’s dip by Dani and Tim, artichoke dip made by Kaycee, brownies by Katie, delish “homemade”cookies by Caroline, Corn Dip by Ash Witt, Cheese Sticks by Brooke, Buffalo Dip at Ryan’s request, German Apple Cake by Caroline, and a Taco 12-pack brought by a boy whose name I can’t remember. I am sure I am leaving something out! The table was covered!

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