3 Feb

I am so excited about the sun being out these last few days! The problem is that I get cabin fever in my basement office. I start thinking of all the things spring brings! Even though Ryan and I were in our own place last year, it was an apartment so we didn’t get the benefits as much as we will this spring!

Here are the things I am dreaming of:

1. A garden. I started wanting a garden last summer because my in-laws had a great harvest of tomatoes and peppers. That means fresh salsa all the time! They were generous and gave us so much of the fruit, but I want to be able to take pride in our own garden! I have been reading up on how to plant (thanks to martha) and lots of other details since we will be first time gardeners. I am hoping Ryan has his dad’s green thumb. I am hoping to plant tomatoes, peppers, and some herbs like cilantro and basil. Salsa and caprese salad. These things are delish!

2. Front Porch Sittin’. I love our porch. It is one of the things that made us fall in love with the house. Some of my best memories of the Yellow House were all of us sitting on the porch in the mornings drinking coffee.

3. Grilling Out. Food on the grill is just better. I get really bored cooking wintery foods, plus nothing is in season. Fruit stays good for about a day. I’m ready for these days to be over!!!

Other things I am excited about are runs outside, family time, and birthdays!

What do you like about the coming of spring?

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