Hammered Spoon Place Cards

16 Jan

I wanted to wait to post this DIY after Christmas because it was our gift to my mom…. and then I forgot. So here is a Hammered Spoon DIY:

A couple of months ago, I saw these hammered spoons on Pinterest. I decided that this was a project, I (and Ryan) needed to try and we immediately thought that my mom would enjoy them.

1. Decide the purpose for your spoons- place cards, garden identifiers, or something else.

2. Gather supplies.

– Get tools: a small sledge hammer (Home Depot) and a metal stamp set (I got mine from an Etsy Shop).

– Find spoons. This was the hard part for us. I really wanted them to match and be pretty. Ryan and I spent an afternoon running around to antique stores and ended up finding LOTS of goodies. Eventually we found 6 spoons at a flea market. One was a little sugar spoon which is kind of fitting for Gray since he is our baby.

– A thin sharpie and some blue painter’s tape.

3. Make it happen!! After the gathering step, the rest of the process can be done in about an hour.

I called in my expert for this part. Here are his instructions:

– I took the spoon head and flattened the top, getting it ready for imprinting. Hammer to your desired flatness.

– Then we taped up the spoon in hopes to get a straighter name. I lined up each letter and tried to space them evenly.

– After the letter was lined up, I hammered them more times than we had anticipated. We wanted it to be really defined.

– Then Char used a thin sharpie to trace in the indention for more effect.

– Repeat until you are finished!

I really love how these turned out and my mom was THRILLED.


One Response to “Hammered Spoon Place Cards”

  1. Su Madre January 16, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Thrilled is not a strong enough word. I was overwhelmed that you guys would spend so much time and energy on a one of a kind personal gift for me. I love them and will treasure them always!

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