The In-between

9 Aug

I keep joking that Ryan and I are purgatory. Life is just a little up in the air right now. We have no idea what the next month holds for us as far as location. I am always looking for a job, while staying busy with freelance work and of course Little Caesars.

It has been such a joy to work along side Ryan every day. He is such a great boss to our employees, full of grace and wisdom. When I was 16 like a lot of our employees, I had such a mean boss who would act like she hated her life and the fact that she worked at Tropical Smoothie. I am so encouraged that the Spirit is in my husband, constantly growing him to be more like Christ. He desires to show employees love and grace that the Lord has so graciously given to us. I love being a part of the company and learning about each employee. So many of them are looking for some one to listen and to care. I feel like a lot of Christians are hesitant to share their brokenness with other Christians, but unbelievers are so open. I have learned so much in this work environment and will be sort of sad to get a “big girl job”.

So that is where we are. Please be praying for discernment and for us to hear the call of the Lord. I have difficulties being disciplined without a routine. It is a challenge to plan each day when I have so much freedom, but I enjoy being flexible at the same time.

So there is the update.

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