Camp Turtle

22 Jul

For many years of my childhood, Holmes and I would stay at Pidgeon’s house (my grandmother) for a few days in the summer. Even though we were still in Memphis, she always made us do things we wouldn’t normally do (ex: dress us up and make it seem like we went to far away places). It was a fun little tradition and we called it Pidgeon Camp.

So since I don’t get to see Gray too often and he doesn’t have school obviously, he came back with Ryan and I to BG after Kimberlee’s wedding. Of course we had to call it Camp Turtle, it just seemed appropriate. Bowling Green can be pretty lame so we had to try pretty hard to entertain Gray.

Monday we made chicken alfredo from scratch using my pasta roller from Grandy. Gray loooovves to cook and loovvveesss chicken alfredo even more, so it was perfect. Then we went on a hike around Lost River Cave. Those are the only things I have documentation of, but he also enjoyed disc golf for the first time with Ryan, a shift at Little Caesars rolling dough, and Zookeeper the movie.

All in all, he enjoyed it. We just had to think a little harder than normal.

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    […] you remember, last summer Grayson came to BG to stay with Ryan and I for a few days. We called it Camp Turtle because that’s what my grandmother used to call it when Holmes and I would stay at her house […]

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