I’m Back

18 Jun

I know it has been roughly a month since I blogged, but I am being 100% honest that there was barely anything to tell you about! From graduation until about a week ago, I was at the office non-stop. But the Talisman is mostly complete (I just have to finish the index), so I have my life back again! Side note: Ryan and I had a little vacation in Lexington for Cole and Lindsay’s wedding– see video and pics here. It was a lovely Kentucky wedding with style.

I got a chance to go home last weekend to visit the fam and go to Kimberlee’s shower. It was so nice to get a breath of fresh air and slow down a little. I learned to sew on my new Brother. My mom taught me how to make a flanged pillow. My couch now has 2 zebra print pillows on it. Also Gray and I made a little Father’s Day treat. Since we were all home we had “Faux Father’s Day” on Sunday instead of tomorrow. The treat recipe was from Family Fun. We couldn’t find all the ingredients so we cheated a little. It turned out pretty well and we had a great time making them.

The cupcake is just a regular brownie baked in cupcake liners. For the grill, we used vanilla icing mixed with chocolate (instead of black icing which we couldn’t find at Kroger). Then the “fire” is sugar and orange food coloring. The hotdogs are mike and ike’s with a little chocolate grill mark. The steaks are caramels molded into a steak shape. And the kebabs are different colored fruit candies on a toothpick. You still have a day to make these so go run to the store!!!

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Since my return from Memphis, it has been non-stop Little Caesars…. and I am loving it! The new store in Franklin, Ky. just opened on Tuesday and has been crazy busy. Ryan has been going into the store in the morning and then I head in (with lunch for Ryan and my bro-in-law Chris) after the lunch rush. I have really enjoyed mornings at home to clean, cook, and catch up on things I had been too busy for. Wednesday we had some fish tacos that I loved (find the recipe here and I just use talapia because I found it at Kroger) and Thursday we had chicken salad on homemade bread. For the 5 months we have been married, I have had limited time at home because of school and the Talisman. I am still working at least 5-8 hours a day at Little C’s, but my mornings are free. I am so happy for a more regular routine. I can finally be a wife!!

For linner (lunch/dinner) tonight is Beef Stroganoff — my favorite!! Then working the cash register at Little Caesars.

P.S. The energy of a store opening is fantastic. Plus Ryan and I get to work together. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Pizza, Pizza.

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