Welcome to My Summer.

22 May
So here is how my summer has been so far: PERFECT.
Being finished with school is allowing me to do things that I love all day, everyday. I wake up and go work on the Talisman (something that will have to end, but I will enjoy it while it lasts). While I am at work, I & other people working, tend to get a little distracted. Tonight, Ash told me about a new blog “I would love”. Its called Not Without Salt. And she was right. This woman is a cook and photographer with a heavy bent toward her family. Its the perfect combination. I bet she has an amazing house too. These things always come as a package. (ps her whole family is beautiful.. what did you expect?) I also get to spend loads of time with my hubby. That always makes me happy.
This brings me to the next thing about this summer that is already great: cooking. While I gripe about how I don’t have a job yet, Ryan reminds me of the free time I get to try new recipes, along with other things I never have time for. So far we haven’t gone too far out of the box, but when we do, I will post the recipes. Other goals include learning to sew, reading lots, and organizing my house a little better.
I am so grateful for Ryan trying to point out the silver lining. The Lord has given me such a wonderful encourager who knows just the right truth to speak to my sinful heart. I am now thrilled about my summer plans and can’t wait to share all the new things I learn. And a job would be nice too!
P.S. In my free time, I like to deliver pizzas. My preference is at least 180 (that’s our new record). That makes for an exciting morning. Pizza, Pizza.

One Response to “Welcome to My Summer.”

  1. Su Madre June 7, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Do you blog anymore? I miss your posts!

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