Branding: Stacey Meredith

23 Feb

For my second Reality:check piece, I was given an assignment from my former boss and friend, Stacey Meredith. She was wanting a logo for herself. Logos are something I don’t do often. A blank canvas tends to scare me, but I gave this a shot. It is inspired by Tiffany’s (one of her favorite companies). I am pretty pleased. The secondary text isn’t doing it for me though.


One Response to “Branding: Stacey Meredith”

  1. stacey February 23, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    love it. love that you tried something that scared you. i agree on both logos and blank canvases. love that you took the time to think about me, what i like and my character.

    don’t like the full caps font for my name? try lowercase, try something slimmer/sleaker. pair a sans serif with it and lead it out a bit…there’s a teacher’s feedback for ya.

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